What is Lumidize®?

LumiShield’s proprietary electroplating technology, Lumidize is a powerful and economical corrosion prevention tool.

Lumidize is an electrochemical process used to deposit thin films of aluminum oxide from a proprietary water-based solution. The resulting aluminum oxide barrier layer prevents corrosion of the underlying metal substrate and improves organic coating adhesion.

Key features of Lumidize:

  • Multiple patents pending.
  • No toxic metals, such as chromium, required.
  • Proprietary chemistry that allows deposition of aluminum from water.
  • Deposition on conductive substrates, including steel and aluminum.
  • Compatible with waterborne liquid, solventborne liquid and powder coating systems.
micrograph of paint adhesion technology

Micrograph of the Lumidize surface. The surface roughness makes the coating ideal for bonding to organic coatings.

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