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LumiShield Technologies, Inc. – Pittsburgh, PA 15205

About LumiShield

LumiShield is a technology startup based in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA. The company is commercializing a proprietary process for producing inexpensive, aluminum-based coatings, which was originally developed by Carnegie Mellon University and the National Energy Technology Laboratory.

Job Description

The successful candidate will bring electroplating industry knowledge, experience and contacts to the team. The candidate will work closely with the CEO and Operations Manager to implement LumiShield’s plating process at the facilities of its customers, which include manufacturers and electroplating shops. The candidate will also work closely with the R&D team, lending expertise in industrial plating techniques and pretreatments in order to improvement LumiShield’s process.


  • Work with the Operations Manager in implementation of LumiShield plating lines at customer facilities and transfer knowledge gained to the technical, sales and engineering teams.
  • Work closely with the operations and the R&D team to resolve problems which arise during implementation.
  • Assist in the design and operation of pilot-scale plating lines.
  • Contribute practical knowledge of electrode placement, part arrangement, additive use, pre- and post-plating treatments, and coating characterization to the R&D team.
  • Advise the R&D team in the development of technical materials describing the process for distribution to customers.


  • Practical Knowledge of Electroplating Process Implementation
  • 5+ Years of Electroplating Experience
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Good Teamwork and Communication Skills


  • B.S. in a Related Technical Field (Chemical Engineering Preferred)
  • 10+ Years of Electroplating Experience
  • Knowledge of Design and Installation of Electroplating Lines
  • CEF or CAF Certified or Comparable Experience
  • Experience in the Development and Scale-up of Plating Technologies
  • Strong Electrical and Fabrication Skills