LumiShield has devised a solution to the challenge of corrosion of steel components. In our proprietary electroplating system, aluminum films in a variety of thicknesses may be deposited on steel. The electroplated aluminum layer created by the LumiShield process forms a hard, self-healing aluminum oxide layer upon contact with air, protecting the surface.

This process represents a major advance over current technology in a number of respects. It may be conducted in open vessels without production of organic vapors or interference from atmospheric water, meaning it can be conducted in existing electroplating equipment. Additionally, the large electrochemical window of the electrolyte grants greater freedom in operational parameters, and hence improved process flexibility.

Because the process can be conducted with full exposure to air, it can also be adapted to brush plating, which allows the fabrication of large and irregularly shaped components without the need for major capital equipment installations. Taken together, these technical advantages translate into improved versatility, diminished environmental impact, and reduced cost for LumiShield products.