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The LumiShield team is committed to creating plating solutions for our customers, providing strong returns for our investors, and improving the communities in which we work through the development of sustainable technology.

For more information about LumiShield’s technology, partnering opportunities, or other corporate matters, please contact us.

David Luebke

David Luebke, Ph.D.

CEO, Founder

Hunaid Nulwala

Hunaid Nulwala, Ph.D.

CTO, Founder

Brett Luebke

Brett Luebke, MBA

COO, Founder

John Watkins

John D. Watkins, Ph.D.

Senior Electrochemist

Xu Zhou

Xu Zhou, Ph.D.

Project Research Chemist


Matt Bootman

Matt Bootman

CEO of Crystalplex

Prof. John Wilkes

Prof. John Wilkes

Dave Mawhinney

Dave Mawhinney

Co-Director at CMU Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Ed Csapo

Ed Csapo

President of E&M Equipment